Rolls Down Hill

Let's get right to it, here's a message received from retired OPP Sergeant Robin Moore. I'll post it below as received, with some of my input at the bottom.

Dear Media,

Sad that the largest police service in Ontario has to be repeatedly investigated by municipal services because the corruption is so systemic.

So this was just sent to me this morning.   Waterloo Regional Police Service interviewed over 130 people in the Business Management Bureau at OPP GHQ in Orillia.   They were all just dying to spill the beans to WRPS about the Harassment and Bullying and many other issues within the OPP   The Bureau Commander (Andrew Eamer) was “removed pretty quick” and has been reassigned on a Temporary Assignment in Toronto.    According to my very credible source they advise the whole Bureau has been a SHIT show for a long time.   The findings went to Human Resources last Friday and Deputy Commissioner Mary Silverthorn is off for a couple weeks, but I can’t say for sure if Silverthorn’s absence is because of this investigation.   It is a strange time to take holidays with everything going on. 

Let’s not forget about Nicole St Pierre who lied and made up a false complaint of sexual harassment against an OPP employee she had a grudge out for.   Well, Nicole has disappeared and escaped accountability on this one.   Who does this?   It’s sick.  St Pierre also cost a family man a full time position because she wanted to hire her favourite person.   

Mark, Timothy, John and Kimberly you guys did a great job exposing the OPP with your Fifth Estate episode “Officer Down” and it helped many of the people in this Bureau to come forward and speak up.   There have been many OPP members who have reached out to me after the episode aired. 

Look at all the Senior bosses that have left the OPP since being exposed.   

Angie Howe (the wife of ex Commissioner Chris Lewis) investigated by Metro Police Service for trying to cover up a Sexual assault and sexual harassment allegation.  Chris Lewis reached out to Vince Hawkes and tried to get the OPP to brush it under the carpet but it was too serious and too many people knew about it.   She was found guilty and left the OPP. 

What is frustrating and the OPP have been like this in my whole 32 year career is they won’t FIRE these bosses, such as Andrew Eamer, Cathy Richardson and Mary Silverthorn, they will send someone like Eamer to Toronto to work and Silverthorn somewhere else in the ministry and Richardson will be hidden in some Bureau at GHQ. 

I have been saying it repeatedly that Silverthorn is one of the worst bullies in the OPP, and she is the boss.  This crap starts at the top and trickles on down.   

These 130 plus people have been harassed and bullied for years and they will not even get so much as an apology.   The Nepotism, Cronyism and Corruption is throughout the OPP.   

Let’s sit back and see how this is dealt with.   

I’m of course speaking out for the people that can’t because they are still working and will be disciplined by OPP Command if they speak out.   A lot of these members are contract workers and they know if they speak out their contracts will not be renewed and these people count on the money to provide for their families and pay their everyday bills.   

Can you imagine going to work everyday and feeling like you have a gun to your head???    This is the feeling these people get.   

People have been saying to me over and over, Robin in order for you to heal for what the OPP did to you over your career you need to let this stuff go.  I find it hard to let it go because these people reach out to me and tell me things sucj as they are crying at work, they are crying on their way to work, are being denied new jobs and opportunities because they spoke up, they have had lies made up about them.  I could go on, but this stuff is ridiculous.   

When these employees reach out to Rob Jamieson and the OPPA they are ignored and nothing is done for them.   Rob Jamieson is also a good actor and loves to grandstand on TV and has been snowing and fooling the media for years.  Members in the OPP don’t even want to be a part of the OPPA and paying dues, but are told they have to be.   As much as the OPPA will never admit it they are controlled by the OPP Command Staff and this is also wrong.   

Watch Doug Ford turn a blind eye to this as well.

I learned a long time ago working in the OPP that you can do whatever you want but just don’t make them look bad or expose them and if you do it’s CAREER SUICIDE.   It happened to me and many others. 

Speaking of Suicide, is it any wonder these members are taking their life.   One can only handle so much, they get depressed and filled with anxiety and have no support as much as the OPP and OPPA say they do, they see no way out but suicide.   The hole is dark, I was there, along with many of my co-workers.   Then you have Command Staff sitting back grandstanding and at the funeral with their mouth open saying we had no idea.   All you have to do is listen to Gary Couture talk at the end of Officer Down.   He is such a liar to say he had no idea about the OPP being a broken family.   

Have a good day people, stay safe and please social distance. 

Talk soon. 

Robin Moore #7173

Retired Sergeant

First, thank you to Sgt. Moore(ret'd) for the courage to stand up to this injustice which is occurring within policing today. You may notice some parallel issues expressed by Sgt. Moore, which I have also discussed as it pertains to the Hamilton Police.

Now, this website is to do with the Hamilton Police, however, seeing that the Ontario Provincial Police are in essence an oversight body, their failures cascade downwards.

I'll once again cite Donald Best for his tireless and ongoing efforts to right these wrongs. Here's a link to one example of where the OPP had been investigating Hamilton Police and politicians, with little/negative results.

This is why, in my opinion, the efficacy of oversight is so valuable. There will always be opportunistic tyrants who use cronyism and hackery to gain rank/power. These people avoid merit producing activities at all costs. Included in those ranks are your Eric Girt and former Deputy Chief Dan Kinsella. Political power hustlers who have no business enforcing the law, not that they ever did.

These players would face a harsh correction in the form of oversight, but therein lies another issue. Too many within the system of law enforcement are beholden to others. Too often, through the failed notion of unity through unions, no action is taken against these corrupt misfits as decision making can't be done by a group.

I don't suffer those afflictions. I believe that firm and decisive action must be taken, not only within the Hamilton Police, but also upon any municipal service gripped by corruption. This won't occur if the Ontario Provincial Police are suffering the same disease themselves.

If you know me, you know that risk and decisive action are two activities I don't avoid. If I can share anything through this website, it's that more within the law enforcement community should begin sharing that mantra.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to Sgt. Moore,

- Josh Coulter


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