Red Hill Problems

Once again, Paul Manning shows more interest and competence insofar as public safety than do you police & city officials.

This letter was published on Twitter by Paul Manning who has been taking the Hamilton Police Service to account on corrupt practice for the better part of a decade.

This hardly comes as a surprise to me, I too had a Staff Sgt direct me to absolve the city of responsibility in a collision. Unfortunately for him, I served this country not to return from my service and find that the police behave in tyrannical fashion.

Perhaps a service oriented attitude should be considered by managers at the Hamilton Police.

My review of that occurrence is below.

I also had the opportunity to put together a consolidated video recently, where we read Paul's letter together.

The Red Hill Valley Parkway issue is one of negligence and no accountability, which involved the deaths of citizens.

I don't take that lightly.


- Josh Coulter


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