Not Surprised

Dan Kinsella, former Deputy Chief of the Hamilton Police Service, somehow hired out to be the Chief of the Halifax Police.

Now, I've talked extensively about the need to correct ineptitude, and Dan Kinsella is squarely in that bracket. Mr. Kinsella had very little managerial ability while a Deputy Chief, and in my experience was an architect in both employee abuse, and abuse of the laws of Canada. It came as no surprise, in 2019, long after my departure from the Hamilton Police, to see Dan Kinsella in the news. For a good reason? Of course not. It would seem that Sexual Assault investigations were being mishandled in Hamilton. Mr. Kinsella assured the public that there would be action taken, but I knew there wouldn't be any such thing. You see, I know that Mr. Kinsella's best skill is avoiding any semblance of accountability. On the occasion when Chief Girt did the same, problems would fall to Mr. Kinsella, who, in the words of union president Clint Twolan, would "Speak out of both sides of his mouth".

Here's the direct link to that article from 2019.

So, when Dan Kinsella fled Hamilton for a promotion, I expected problems. Sure as the sun rises, problems came. Now, a hiring process rife with prudence would have caught Dan Kinsella's shortcomings and prevented him from taking on a greater role in another city. It would seem that politicians in Halifax suffer the same disease as those in Hamilton. Nevertheless, the Halifax police now face a lawsuit for what should have been an absolutely predictable symptom of the disease that Dan Kinsella suffers.


Here's the link to the article from Halifax, 2020.

Almost exactly parallel. The link? Dan Kinsella.

This entire website, in fact, is in part a result of Dan Kinsella's constant inept failures. So although he seems unable to produce anything of value, some of his derivatives are helping the public.

At least there's that.

- Josh Coulter


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