Producing Evidence

On August 6th, 2019, I personally sent the following Affidavit along with other information to these parties:

• Douglas Downey (Ontario Attorney General)

• Attorney General of Ontario

• Sylvia Jones (Solicitor General of Ontario)

• Ministry of the Solicitor General

• Ontario Police Arbitration Commission

• Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

• Police Association of Ontario

The Affidavit, with portions redacted:

It's very troubling to say that least, that a retired constable needs to be the source of corrective action upon the Hamilton Police Service. When Glenn DeCaire was hired as Chief from Toronto, it was suggested that he was brought from an outside agency to fix the corrupt nature of the Hamilton Police Service. Unfortunately all he seemed concerned with was constables who missed court. Beyond that, he padded his pension and is now the highest paid meter reader at McMaster University. Public sector tax leeches about.

Beyond anything DeCaire failed to do, Eric Girt couldn't have been expected to do any better. Mr. Girt has a distinct ability to shovel issues within his purview under the rug. It's even reported to me that he walks out of high level intelligence meetings so as not to have any involvement in police process. Shameful.

To do with the Affidavit, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission did respond to me close to one month later. Summers must be exceedingly demanding at the OCPC to see a month lead time in a response. Although I won't elaborate on their correspondence at this time, it would seem that in the near 3 months that followed the OCPC did exactly nothing about the issues I raised. Again, fall must also be exceedingly busy.

It's become clear to me that there is no appetite within any law enforcement system or oversight body to correct corrupt practice. Be it laziness, incompetence or fear, these organizations are failing. I always strive to never fall victim to those afflictions. Your public sector doesn't share my mantra. The law enforcement apparatus of any government is the most important, in my opinion. After the law, all other systems stay in check. With law enforcement subject to ineptitude and corruption, our country is free to be being taken advantage of.

One defender of the law is Donald Best, former Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service. Mr. Best has on his website a synopsis of Project SCOPA, which was a police investigation into corrupt City officials.

Find That Synopsis Here

Information I have been provided suggests that James Patterson is not being held to account for any of his behavior due to his knowledge and access to Project SCOPA files. I have also been tendered information suggesting that James Patterson previously shared a residence with Hamilton Police union leader Clint Twolan. That, to me, solidifies why careers can be ruined under Patterson while his remains intact, as this is common practice for the union.

It's sad and disappointing that so many have sacrificed so much to build our free and democratic society. That freedom is built on a foundation of respect of the law. To see that notion thrown aside for the personal gain of a select few public sector tyrants... shakes me to the core.

One day, perhaps, courageous people will occupy key positions in our government. Apparently however, we are left with mere cowards.

- Josh Coulter


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