I'm in the process of delineating between my various online accounts. I have another website, where I discuss training, fitness and police/military knowledge. The posts below were previously contained on that website.

I'd like to keep any information about the vile and disreputable conduct of the Hamilton Police Service on this platform, exclusively. I don't need to taint the value I add to the profession with the conduct of the Hamilton Police Service.

As such, I am cross posting this chronological account here, so as to keep my training platform clean.

First is a letter that I had sent out to then friends in 2018. The post below contains the letter, and I'll add a passage which was attached to the blog post.

If you find yourself reading further, please know that it is not a cry for help or a plead for sympathy. It is a plan of action. Unfortunately the world is rife with a lack of accountability. Unfortunately for those afflicted, I'm here.

This passage is important, as it was later used by Dan Kinsella to direct police to my door in an attempt to intimidate me away from speaking about the HPS.

This letter below and the blog post were published on November 9th, 2018.


In 2008 I deployed to Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces and was engaged in combat operations, which left me with PTSD that wasn't realized fully until about 2014. It manifested with intrusive thoughts of shooting myself, thoughts which were troubling considering I didn't want to act on them. In 2014 I was working a paid duty as a police officer, where I had persistent intrusive thoughts which led to an anxiety attack. I took my duty belt off and reported this to the supervisor at the time, I was taken to the hospital where I began treatment and needed to take time off from unrestricted police duties. Through continued therapy and medication I was able to manage the symptoms of PTSD effectively, while returning to full police duties. Simply learning what intrusive thoughts are, was empowering towards a better mental health state. In short, intrusive thoughts became anxiety producing, and due to my hyper-vigilant state I became my own enemy. I was able to develop strategies which led to a far better mental health state and a return to full police duties approximately 6 months after my being in the hospital.

In December 2016 I was still operational as a police constable in full duties. In early December, I was called in by Inspector Paul McGuire to speak about my social media. In 2016 I had taken to social media as I enjoyed producing content as it required conceptualizing and executing, while I learned new skills all the while. The conversation with Inspector McGuire was brief and constructive, my social media was addressed and I deleted the post in question.

On December 15th, 2016, Staff Sgt. Treena Ley called me over the radio to meet with her in her office. I complied, and met with her and Sgt. Dave LeClair towards the end of a day shift. Sgt. LeClair, a supervisor who had twice told me not to be nice to people I was arresting, and who I watched berate a coworker for close to twenty minutes in a parking lot for what I consider to be nonsense. It should be noted that as it pertains to ethics, Sgt. Dave LeClair was involved in the removal of a ticket from the ticket submission box in 2015 for preferential purpose. Staff Sgt. Treena Ley, a supervisor who for around 6 months of the latter half of 2016, I refused to converse with or look at due to what I considered to be her overbearing and ill founded method of management. Staff Sgt. Treena Ley is also a supervisor who to my understanding spent the better part of a decade outside of regular police duties where she was promoted twice with the backing of Superintendent Debbie Clark.

The meeting was again about my social media, which was confusing as it had already been addressed some days prior. The conversation didn't go well, as I found the intentions of these supervisors questionable. This was coupled with the reality of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms s.2 – freedom of expression, which I had an expectation of police officers to appreciate. As it became clear that I wanted further clarification about social media beyond an impromptu meeting, Staff Sgt. Treena Ley began asking intrusive and unwarranted questions about my mental health disability. This was completely unreasonable, but in the interest of explanation I answered the questions. I told Staff Sgt. Treena Ley that I was fine, that I had just seen my psychiatrist the week prior, and had plans for the future. Throughout my journey with my own mental health disability, I learned quite a lot about my condition and thought that I could educate Staff Sgt. Treena Ley about it. But this education fell on deaf ears, and somehow, Staff. Sgt Treena Ley demanded my duty belt be given up(and firearm), and she sent me home. I left the office in an extremely confused state, now in front of my co-workers without my duty belt. A police officer who has had previous mental health issues walking out of a supervisors office in uniform with only body armor is very telling. It goes with the short-sighted and insensitive nature of how Staff Sgt. Treena Ley manages. Shortly thereafter, I had a phone call from a co-worker who was aware of the situation due to seeing me without a duty belt. This co-worker had heard Staff Sgt. Treena Ley leave her office and loudly lament that she needed to now write a search warrant. The co-worker warned me that she was going to come after my personal property at home – my firearms. With no other way of saying it, the unprofessional attitude on display by Staff Sgt. Treena Ley was profound. A very short time later, the on duty supervisor for the service, Superintendent Debbie Clark, had been made aware of the incident and was at Station 10. Superintendent Debbie Clark called me on my cell phone to return to the office, this is the same supervisor who I will re

mind the reader is to my understanding, instrumental in the position Staff Sgt. Treena Ley finds herself in.

I returned, hoping to explain the situation, but I found that I was now in a situation beyond my control. After my plead for understanding, Superintendent Debbie Clark told me that if I didn't willingly give up my personal firearms, she would have me formed. Police officers don't form people under the Mental Health Act, they apprehended them. I quickly realized that my jeopardy had changed for the worse and I was now under duress. I reluctantly agreed while under duress, and I accompanied divisional detectives to my home, where my family was present. Detectives seized my firearms with no judicial authority. I sat and watched after I was threatened with a tool by Superintendent Clark which is beyond the scope of police officers. I returned to Station 10 where I was later told that this could all be resolved with a note from my doctor. Again, with no support or actual show of concern, I left the station alone.

I thought about the incident which had happened, confused and shocked. How could I go from one meeting about social media and my mental health never comes up, to another with two supervisors who aren't in my court, where my disability comes into contention? How can a supervisor use my PTSD as a tool to punish me before her expected departure two weeks later, and feign concern about my mental health? A contrivance which is proven demonstrably by her failure to do anything which she would expect subordinates to do on a call for service while interacting with a person in distress. These could include calling a friend or family member, offer a ride home, actually take the person to the hospital, or access the services readily available to the Hamilton Police Service like COAST or MCCRT. The reason none of these were done is because Staff Sgt. Treena Ley had no concern for my mental health, her action was vindictive and should never be tolerated. How then can her friend, Superintendent Debbie Clark, further this transgression without any objective input and threaten a power upon a police officer – to be formed under the Mental Health Act, and not see that this is completely unacceptable?

I was disillusioned. I contacted every office or government body I could think of. The RCMP, my MP, I contacted employment lawyers who told me I had no ability to retain counsel as I was in a union. The OIPRD doesn't take complaints from police officers. A human rights lawyer told me it could be incredibly costly to pursue a Human Rights Complaint. The only recourse I thought I had was to explain to the Hamilton Police Association how this incident unfolded and hope for accountability. The Association dissuaded me from filing a grievance as it was explained that they would defend Staff. Sgt Treena Ley as vigorously as they advocate for me. It seemed rather defeatist to even pursue the grievance. Within the following weeks, I called in sick as I refused to work under Staff. Sgt Treena Ley under any circumstance. I requested to meet with upper management, and was given a meeting with Deputy Chief Dan Kinsella, I had Clint Twolan attend. At the beginning of the meeting, D/Chief Kinsella told me that no matter what I told him, he would at the end of the meeting ask me to relinquish my firearms licence as it had not yet been seized. I further told D/Chief Kinsella much of what you have just read, that this entire incident was unacceptable and I expected accountability. D/Chief Kinsella assured me that he would investigate any wrongdoing and inform me of the findings. He then told me that if I didn't relinquish my firearms licence they would begin legal proceedings against me to prohibit my access to firearms. In discussion with Mr. Twolan, I decided that complying was again in my best interest in order to prevent an escalation in what was already a nonsensical situation. Again, the police refrained from objectivity and threatened power to gain compliance. Coercion.

Following this meeting I obtained a note from my physiologist and was given my duty and personal firearms back, almost as though nothing had happened. I continued my regular police duties with the expectation that the involved supervisors would be held to account. At one point, Chief Eric Girt attended a parade for Division 1 – A Squad, and asked me to accompany him in the hallway. There he apologized, for what exactly I'm not certain, I told him I was keeping my head up and staying positive. This was a difficult meeting for me to not fully demand accountability, but I retained hope that I would find some. This hope was due to Chief Eric Girt's knowledge of the importance of mental health among his subordinates. At the time, I couldn't fathom after having attended funerals of officers, that this Chief would tolerate such an abuse of a police officers mental health disability.

For the next five months I continued working, and grew ever more frustrated about the lack of an answer. I learned from The Association that I wasn't the first member to face abuse of this style, an officer having a mental health allegation used against them for punishment. I never learned the full extent of that members incident. In about May 2017, I learned that Staff Sgt. Treena Ley was slated to be promoted to Inspector. Unbelievable. I felt hopelessness come over me while at work. I refused to work under this supervisor, and now she could potentially be the Duty Inspector, or worse, in my supervisory chain of command. I began abusing my prescription anxiety medication, pills I was to take every 4-6 hours became every 1-2 hours. I started having debilitating migraines which caused me to take myself off patrol as it was dangerous to even drive. I had never had migraines in the past. On one occasion I had to a nurse gave me medication while on a call for service at the hospital, as I was unable to articulate my ground for an apprehended person. I was unable to even open my eyes. Problems further occurred at home and I felt completely hopeless about my situation.

In June 2017, I found myself in bed wanting to not face my problems. I took a handful of my anxiety medication, my wife found out and became upset. I then ran off into a field with my anxiety medication hoping to sleep and not think about anything. After sometime, I realized this wasn't a viable long term solution so I returned home to find the police at my house. I was rightfully apprehended and my firearms were legally seized. I spent two days in the mental health ward, where my medications were cancelled and I was given one new medication.

Over the next few months my condition very much improved, I began calling in sick for every shift. I had a hard decision to make, as to whether or not I could return to a workplace where there was absolutely no accountability for the abuse that I incurred. In October 2017 emailed my intent to retire to Chief Girt, despite my enjoyment of policing insofar as problem solving and serving the community I grew up in.

Until June 2018, I still had the mental health firearms seizure before the courts. In the end of the very long process, I represented myself and using some of the same answers which Staff Sgt. Treena Ley had used to contrive her position, the presiding Judge deciding I was fit to be given my firearms back. This was in addition to testimony and letters from family and my medical staff. During the time between June 2017 and June 2018, I didn't want to cause my very good condition to deteriorate by the Hamilton Police Service interfering with my matter, should they find that I was still seeking accountability.

When my firearms were given back, I began the process of filing FOI requests and compiling a Human Rights Complaint. I again spoke with The Association about options, but it would seem that they have no interest in accountability. When it was discovered that I was filing proceedings about the incident, a member of the HPS used coercive tactics to have another member divulge information about me. On another occasion a police officer bluntly messaged me on Facebook, and in degrading messages called me names and mocked my physical appearance. I have to assume that this is precipitated by fervent rumors which have been spread around the HPS to the current date about me. I'm certain that if this police officer had any expectation of accountability, they would refrain from such messages while their place of employment is listed as the Hamilton Police Service on Facebook.

Concurrently, I anticipated the failures of constructive solutions and began establishing channels for distribution should I need to broaden the scope of accountability to the entire HPS. The systemic lack of accountability manifests itself every day, both internally and in interactions with the public. My example is only one of an ongoing list of instances where accountability is avoided through ineptitude or intention. Failures in policing occur everyday, as even at the lowest levels officers have no expectation that misdeeds will be met with punishment. The public ought to know.

The current staffing crisis may be framed in a variety of manners, but I can say emphatically, that it if not caused by the lack of accountability, it is greatly exacerbated by it. As an officer I continually held myself to a high standard of service provided, and I often came to peaceful and constructive resolutions to problems. I found myself in an environment where I couldn't operate safely, both in regards to my mental health but also my legal jeopardy.

This will not get better before accountability is addressed, and it begins from the top. Chief Eric Girt has failed demonstrably to show the fortitude and leadership required and expected from his pay and position. These failures manifest through the entire chain of command right through to street level interactions. I have no confidence in The Association or another other body of government to introduce the concept of accountability to the HPS.

There's a saying, “First one in, last one out”, it pertains to leadership and I hold myself to it even when I don't have the rank or position to lead. Even early in my life I held myself to this, and found myself on the front line of a war which I otherwise could have avoided. I don't avoid problems, I confront them. This is how we progress in any environment. I will never back down from seeking accountability for this incident at the Hamilton Police Service. I now find myself in a position where I will expand the scope of my message to the accountability of the HPS at large.

Friends, the Hamilton Police Service has already begun an attempt to fracture the few remaining relationships I maintain, and I have no expectation of them to slow down or stop. I ask that in your best interest, so as not to pull you into this through association with me on social platforms, please consider removing me on all social platforms. I don't want to see any more members approached or coerced into taking action against me, not only in my best interest, but also as I'm sure you don't need any further stress placed on you.

I will always maintain an objective approach and I will never forget that there are good people who wear the badge. If I can offer some advice before I break ties, stop looking at those who have a badge as your family. Instead, look at those who have integrity, and differentiate those who don't. Those without integrity aren't within the policing family despite the uniform they find themselves in. If you can come to this mindset, it will be a pervasive and powerful step towards accountability.



The above was meant to definitively explain the instances that led to my constructive dismissal. It was also posted with the understanding that the Hamilton Police Service is worse than a high school for drama and rumours, so I thought it best to establish the story for myself, publicly.

The next post was published on my website on December 28th, 2018. It takes into account the passage I pasted at the top of this story. Dan Kinsella didn't take kindly to being named in complaints, and used his subordinates to attempt to squash my output.

Unfortunately for him, I see him for the coward he is. The same coward who gloats about his degree from a school which isn't accredited.

Pathetic. Anyways here's the post:


This photo was taken just about 10 years ago in a village pretty far out into the boondocks of Afghanistan. At the time of this photo, I thought I was contributing to something bigger than me. Fast forward to today, peace talks with my former enemy are occurring. That's hard to hear, but what I can hold on to is that I had integrity to take on a hard task, and do it to the best of my ability. Integrity isn't difficult to obtain, it begins with hard work. If you work hard, there's no need to lie and conceal, to coerce or threaten, or to be ethically and morally corrupt. Your work speaks for itself, and precedes the perception of you. I work hard, it keeps me honest. In 10 years from now, I'll be able to look back at a photo from today, and if nothing else at least be able to say that I had integrity. I'll be able to say that I did my work for myself. That I never dispatched others to conduct misdeeds, thus solidifying cowardice. I can say that I was honest. That'll be my story.

This was posted on my Instagram on 27 December 2018. You may be wondering why. I felt compelled to speak about integrity as I had in interaction that morning which showed a complete lack of it. I'd like to first introduce my account of what transpired during my time at the Hamilton Police Service.

In it you'll find that a lack of accountability is what led to my decision to quit my job as a cop. Of note, is that Deputy Chief Dan Kinsella is primarily responsible for the lack of accountability. Dan Kinsella gets paid quite a healthy sum of money, and with it comes responsibility. He failed to demonstrate that responsibility when I reported an incident of harassment. Years later I have taken to this blog and social media platforms talking about his failure. His response? More harassment.

On 27 December 2018 at around 11AM, two detectives with the Hamilton Police Service arrived at my house, which isn't in Hamilton. One of the detectives I recognized, Peter Thom. Det. Thom is well known to be a homicide detective and has a reputation for being extremely good at policing. Nonetheless, I was shocked to find him and another detective at my door. They asked if I could open the door and talk, I couldn't considering how the Hamilton Police Service had previously treated me. Unfortunately we conversed through my front door window. This should never be the case. Two men, him and I, both having integrity, both being hardworking, having to communicate through a barrier due to my legal concerns. Hardworking people should never have to do this. Integrity prevents it, unfortunately the people who sent Det. Thom, under whom he was following orders, have no integrity.

Deputy Chief Dan Kinsella and Superintendent Ryan Diodati.

I first wanted to learn from Det. Thom who sent him and the other detective. I learned that it was the two aforementioned individuals. Dan Kinsella, I know very well to have little integrity and little resolve to address issues. Ryan Diodati on the other hand, I know little of. I know him to see him, and I've never had a position about him one way or the other. What I do know from speaking with Det. Thom is that the orders to speak with me at my house came through Ryan Diodati from Dan Kinsella. Then came the issue they had come to my house to speak about, the blog post linked in this article. The wording of alleged concern was:

If you find yourself reading further, please know that it is not a cry for help or a plead for sympathy. It is a plan of action. Unfortunately the world is rife with a lack of accountability. Unfortunately for those afflicted, I'm here.

I was told that saying I had a plan of action "raised some eyebrows". That's strange, and it immediately was apparent that this phrase had been grossly exaggerated to the point whereby a very high profile Detective found reason to come to my front door about it. At the time, I recalled the use of that phrase, but when I later read the same blog post it goes on to say:

I'm very excited to begin sharing my experiences with you, in what I will always endeavor to be constructive and educational framework. And I will not stop entertaining.

It should be immediately clear what my plan of action includes. That is education, and that is exactly what I've been doing. Why is it then that these detectives found themselves on my property. I know why - Intimidation and Harassment. The concern was merely a contrivance, created by the very subject of my complaints - Dan Kinsella. Sending these men to my house is a show of power. It's meant to tell me that they can and will cross the line of appropriate behavior. To me, it's a disgusting display, and should never be tolerated by a police service in Canada.

I would also like to note that Det. Thom mentioned he had spoken to all involved parties that I had named in my previous blog post. Det. Thom became quite uncomfortable when I asked what was being done insofar as corrective actions. It would seem that speaking to Inspector Treena Macsween, Sgt. Dave LeClair and Superintendent Debbie Clark is the most I can expect for their violation of my human rights and harassment. I'm beginning to gain clarity about the Hamilton Police Service. A Staff Sgt harassing a subordinate, a Superintendent threatening the same, and a concerted effort to suppress the complaint doesn't "raise some eyebrows". Years later, the subject of the harassment speaking about it does.

On the topic of these detectives even being on my property, police officers do in fact have the right to approach the door of a house. That right is contingent on the basis for the interaction being honest. I don't recall harassment and intimidation forming a part of the duties of a police officer (PSA s.42(1)). Dan Kinsella knows this, which is likely why he ordered a subordinate to my door under feigned concern.

To summarize, this changes nothing in my approach. I will still continue educating you, the public, on the strengths and weaknesses of policing in Canada today. I hope that one day, officers with integrity can interact on the basis of honesty and openness. Today is not that day.

Thanks for reading,


Fortunately for me, I anticipated corruption from the Hamilton Police Service. It only takes following Paul Manning on Twitter to see how corrupt management truly is. I installed cameras on my property to ensure I capture any nonsense, and due to my prudence I did that very thing.

Below is a video of the interaction between myself and two Hamilton Police Service officers, who are acting at the whim of Dan Kinsella, once removed through Ryan Diodati.

Make no mistake, I would have had no conversation with these misfits had it not been captured on audio/video.

I later requested the notes of these officers, and found that they referred to me as "moderately paranoid", presumably for not opening the door to talk. Well, I happen to know that an officer was forced to resign for pushing her way into a residence, and telling a recruit to lie about it thereafter. I also know about cops pushing their way into other residences, claiming they were invited in their notes. One such victim is S. MORT. More on that in the future.

These crony cops act at the behest of the corrupt, and through their ignorance and group think, somehow justify this tyrant conduct. I will also be addressing that entire instance in the future, pending the outcome of the Human Rights Complaint I laid thereafter.

I'll be continuing to add further details to this account, likely in another post.

Thanks for reading if you managed to make it through this,

Josh Coulter


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