You've Been Provided Poor Service By The Hamilton Police Service?

I'm happy to help.

My name is Josh Coulter. I am a former police officer with the Hamilton Police Service. I know how disappointing a negative interaction can be with the police. We rightfully expect the police to render fair and constructive service, but on occasion members of the Hamilton Police Service fail to do that.

With that, I'm volunteering my services in consultation with regards to your negative experience with the Hamilton Police Service. As a former officer, I know the complaint avenues and expectations of each. I can assist you in navigating this onerous system to ensure you find a positive and constructive outcome.

Things I can guarantee:


  1. Absolute confidence. If you request my assistance with a matter nothing short of a judicially binding subpoena will compel me to disclose any information I'm provided. The Hamilton Police Service have serious and long standing issues with corruption, and they are no friend of accountability. Therefor, no friend of mine.

  2. Impartiality. Many police officers are upstanding and honorable, in fact I suggest that most are. With that, we all make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are grievous. Regardless of any knowledge I have about an employee of the Hamilton Police Service, I will tender advice based on the allegations as they're laid out.

  3. Objectivity. There are occasions where a misunderstanding leads to the position that poor service was rendered. If this is the case, you can expect that I will take the time to understand and advise on the totality of a situation.

My goal is not to assist in complaining against the police, it's to ensure that the police are rendering the best service possible, in line with their own stated mission. Unfortunately, they fail in that mission, and complaints are often the only recourse available.

For the time being, I will intake correspondence by email at


Josh Coulter

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