How Did I Get Here?

My name is Josh Coulter, and I'm a former police officer with the Hamilton Police Service.

I grew up in Hamilton, and served in the Argyll's & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, a reserve Infantry unit based in Hamilton. After a short while there, I served in the full time military, again as an Infantry soldier station in Manitoba with the PPCLI.

I completed a tour in Afghanistan in 2008. Following this, I decided to take a new approach at my career and began working on a career in law enforcement. 

In 2011, I was hired with the Hamilton Police Service as a sworn constable. My career progressed quite well, I was incredibly proactive and made a direct effort to hone my skills on service delivery. While policing is exciting, it's also difficult to reflect on where one stands while within the system. During my career, I noticed and witnessed many issues, and heard of many more. Unfortunately the approach I took was to keep on the grind and continue working hard. I bore witness to instances of managerial abuse, with great cops being singled out and targeted by petty and vindictive supervisors. An answer to this problem wasn't readily available to me during my career. Then the vindictive behaviour found its way to me.

It was too late, though. When I was harassed, and threatened by a Superintendent to comply with the harassment I was being subject to, I was shocked. I did comply, thinking this would be corrected by management or the union. Had I given more consideration to that position I would have realized the numerous others who had been in the exact same position I was now in, who found no recourse or assistance. 

I also found no assistance, and decided in 2017 that I could no longer work for the Hamilton Police Service. After months of reflection and consideration, the totality of my experience settled. I've always been one to move towards problems head strong, as I did when I found myself in the desert involved in combat operations. Further to that, I won't sit idly by while misfits betray the institution of policing. 

This website is my answer. Oversight bodies in Ontario seemingly can't be bothered to correct the nonsense which is openly occurring at the Hamilton Police Service. With my insight and this web asset, I seek to change what affected myself and others in such a negative fashion.

If you have questions about any of this feel free to reach out by email, I'm happy to discuss anything to do with the Hamilton Police Service.

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